A Homage to the Blue Jean

posted by on 02/06/2013

Last week we celebrated the 140th birthday of the iconic 501 jean, this week we’re paying homage to the blue jean in our own special way. Of course, we’d tie in our city into it. No place like home, baby. When you think denim, you naturally think Levi’s. I know the post modern ‘hipster’ would respond with [insert Japanese selvedge denim brand] and New Balance sneakers. It’s the current contrived combination that seems to be going around, for me – it’s always been about Levi’s. Not just because of their strong clean branding (I’m a design nerd like that) but for the comfort and versatility.

Kontrastfull Vardagsstil

posted by on 15/05/2013

So here it is, something that I think the whole team and I have been waiting for. Our Scandinavian themed shoot! Yes! Yin put Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” on and everybody did a little two step, because that day was the first time I met the Y&Y family and was also my first shoot as a Stylist for Yin&Yang. It was a special day for us.

H&M x Brick Lane Bikes Collection

posted by on 26/03/2013

You’ve already seen most of these photographs on the last site, sadly this piece of content had a time limit on it since the limited collection came out a few weeks ago. We wanted to show you how our own styled shoots will translate across to this new layout in future. So here’s our H&M x Brick Lane Bikes shoot from a couple weeks back, looks much sexier on here as opposed to the traditional blog format, right? RIGHT?

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