Ending The Summer with Corona | #THISISLIVING

posted by on 26/09/2016

It wasn’t a bad Summer, right? It just passed far, far too quick. Seems like only yesterday we kickstarted our Summer with WILDLIFE festival, enjoying some good vibes, good music, and with good people. When Corona hit us up asking if we wanted to end our Summer in the same way, it would have been rude to refuse. Finishing off their #CORONASUNSETS series down in Newquay, we jumped on a plane (yes, a plane) and joined our friends at Corona to celebrate the end of Summer in style at one of the most incredible coastal locations in the UK. This was a weekend to remember. This is how Corona do things. This is living.

I don’t mind the end of Summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love hot weather (or what we get of it in the UK) as much as the next guy, but I also love Autumn and Winter. “Winter is coming” brings a smile to my face. Still, it’s the back of a great Summer for us and those around us. New experiences, visiting new places, meeting new people. While we’re a lot less active nowadays as we used to be, Y&Y still holds strong and will continue to do so as an outlet for our creativity. Endless shout outs to Niran and Ernest for birthing Y&Y over 6 years ago. It was another Summer of a rapidly changing world around us. I’m just glad we’ve all still got our head on our shoulders as we continue to do what we love most.

I’m fine with Summer leaving us. When I’ve had let up from the 9-5, I’ve enjoyed it. Corona have been celebrating all Summer long with a global festival tour you may have heard about/seen/experienced. They know how to throw a party, as we experienced at the Corona Sunsets London festival held in Greenwich earlier this year. As part of their final stretch, they held a party in the UK’s only beach bar – The Watering Hole in Newquay. After a spot of surfing at Perranporth Bay in the pouring rain and strong winds (and nearly dying a few times), we crossed the sand to reach The Watering Hole for a party on the beach. Despite the lack of sunset, we celebrated the Summer in style in to the early hours of the morning.

DJing on the night was Sister Bliss of the legendary Faithless. Before she tore down the roof of our little beach bar with Insomnia, I managed to have a quick chat with her about what the night was all about.

“What I love about the festival season is you can get a taste of everything, from the little boutique festivals and little treasures like this (Corona Sunsets) in amongst the the big ones. It’s been a lot of fun to do the smaller events and really connect with the people. I’ve played in Newquay for years and it’s always special coming back here. This is my last gig of the Summer and a great way to close it out with Corona. Everybody loves a beer on the beach!”

Corona’s strapline is ‘This Is Living’, and it’s something that has actually resonated with me more than I first thought. With Summer drawing to a close and the next phase of the year approaching, it’s made me refresh my mind and think about living life to the fullest with everything. It’s so easy to get comfortable and start to dislike how your life currently is. What is ‘living’ to you? I think it’s about defining that, and spending each and every day moving forward working towards it. The next few months are going to be pretty transformational, not only for me but for Y&Y. We’ll be doing up the (now) outdated website and doing a heap of travelling and storytelling. Thanks to Corona for pushing us in the right direction.

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  • Words by Adam
  • Photos by Adam and Leah
  • Special Thanks To Corona and 3 Monkeys Zeno