London’s Portrait – East London

posted by on 28/07/2013

On a cool Saturday afternoon in spring, Team Yin&Yang and I set off with a camera in our hands, an oyster card in our pocket, and the never say die spirit of DCI John Luther in our hearts, and decided to document London and its people, through a series of portraits and articles. First up, East London.

When in Lucerne | A weekend in Switzerland

posted by on 24/07/2013

Switzerland! I naturally think watches, mountains, snow, chocolate… and that’s about it. I like all of those things (aside from snow) but Switzerland is one of those places that many people don’t know enough about including myself. Lucky for me, the Swiss Tourist board invited us to spend a weekend in Switzerland as part of a campaign to highlight some of the best spots in the country and change perceptions. I was one of a few bloggers and we were all given different cities, I got Lucerne which is North of central Switzerland. The weekend saw me explore Lucerne’s creative network, the nightlife, visit Lake Lucerne and immerse myself in Swiss culture with my ambassador; Heidi Happy. More after the break.


posted by on 20/07/2013

I’m sure this is a common childhood memory for every bookworm in the world, but I remember after being told to go to bed, I’d find myself reading in the dark praying that any ounce of light that escaped from my curtain would cast itself on to my page as I finished the last line of my Jacqueline Wilson book. Let’s just say that light did me well cause I still have that 20/20 vision. More on the reverse.

Alex Clare

posted by on 15/07/2013

Boom. New feature alert. We’ve been a bit slack of late with careers taking precedence and the weather hasn’t been helping with the post-work staying up late to do Y&Y tings. I keep falling asleep when I don’t want to and the post never gets done – time to change that, hold tight for the barrage of content your way. Starting with a new live music photography feature, kick starting with Alex Clare at American Express ®. Summer Series. Hop on after the cut.

Heygate Estate

posted by on 08/07/2013

*Dad walks past me as I edit Heygate images on Lightroom* Dad: Where’s that? Me: *gulps* ‘It’s an abandoned estate in Elephant & Castle. We climbed to the…’ Dad interrupted me there with ‘VVHAT!’. To Indian parents, such things are a no-no and even if you’re going there to practice your craft. Alas, that isn’t going to stop me from doing more of this. It was fun seeing the city from a very different angle, especially in area there really isn’t much to see. Sorry E&C residents, I’ve had no reason to return to Elephant & Castle since graduating from LCC 2 years ago. Read on.

A Short Escape to Malta

posted by on 01/07/2013

I think it was mid-April whilst shooting a brand’s lookbook with the rest of the team when the email from the agency arrived in my inbox, much to my disbelief it contained an invite to Malta in May. Yo, I wasn’t expecting that but I’ll take it, any escape from the city life is a good one. Malta though? I wasn’t expecting much, heck I didn’t really know anything about the Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy. It’s not a place that my friends have spoken about previously about visiting so I had no idea about what to expect aside from the quick Google image search. Read on.