Summer Escapism

posted by on 11/06/2016

Summer is here, right? Who knows in London. Still, it’s that time of the year to enjoy this city to the most. By that we mean getting the hell out of here. Kidding… Kinda. This weekend we’re in Brighton covering WILD LIFE Festival. We count that as the kick start of summer. With that said, it gave us some time to look forward to the summer ahead and what we’re setting out for. We outchea.

Adam: Don’t get me wrong, London in the Summer is beautiful. The city comes alive with people out and about, enjoying the pubs, bars and parks. But there’s also an urge to get out and see more. Experience more. Festivals, trips to Europe, events out in the fresh air away from the smog of the Big Smoke. As bad as it sounds, I think my motive for the summer in the city is to spend as little time as possible in it.

Aaron: Having moved to Berlin a couple of months ago, it’s my goal to enjoy the city and it’s surroundings as much as possible this summer. It’s quickly become home however I do still feel like I’m on an extended holiday and I want to be a tourist in the city as much as I do a resident. So far my weekends in the city have proven to be wild to say the least.

Adam: Travel is on the agenda for me this summer. Other than hitting up Berlin to visit Aaron, a few places I want to visit include Barcelona, Iceland and the SW coast of England. A visit to Japan to see Derek is long overdue, but that will involve some serious planning and funding. There’s plenty of the world to see before I get old enough to have to care about a ton of other stuff.

Aaron: The city spirit is rather different to that in London, clubs and bars stay open all weekend and living in the centre of the city is the norm. You’re free, you’re not a slave to the restraints of the city codes. From what I’ve been told, winter in Berlin is icy cold, which makes enjoying the summer even more important, it’ll be a distant memory come November.

We’ve been mad busy as of late with all things outside of Y&Y. Site change soon though, and lots more content up our sleeves. We’re working on a few bits over summer, upping our travel and original thought pieces. Watch this space.

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