James Mylne | The Biro Artist

posted by on 29/05/2013

If you’re an ‘arts’ enthusiast, then you might have come across work by James Mylne. James is a Biro Artist. A Biro Artist has the ability to create a work of art with nothing more than a Biro pen. It sounds like such a simple craft but actually the intricacy, patience and discipline it takes to do this, is crazy! I came across some of James’ work back in 2011 when he was featured at a joint exhibition with a group of other artists at the Signal Gallery in Hoxton.

A Conversation With Folaju

posted by on 20/05/2013

Well this is the first time I’ve featured a good friend of mine on the site, even weirder interviewing him since I already know the answers for most of these questions. It’s taken me around a month to conjure a half decent set that are worthy of an answer. I met FJ through Yin&Yang and Twitter a few years back, though it took us over a year to meet and even then, I wasn’t sure what he looked like since his display picture featured his face covered up by a SLR. Read on folks as I flip reversed the camera on him.

Kontrastfull Vardagsstil

posted by on 15/05/2013

So here it is, something that I think the whole team and I have been waiting for. Our Scandinavian themed shoot! Yes! Yin put Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” on and everybody did a little two step, because that day was the first time I met the Y&Y family and was also my first shoot as a Stylist for Yin&Yang. It was a special day for us.

BTS | River Island – Holloway Road Shoot

posted by on 10/05/2013

Gosh, one downfall about going on a hiatus to shoot content for the new site is writing it up. I have procrastinated with the new job and site launch in getting some of the features written up. Forgive me, all will come in due time. Now when my main man Mikey over at River Island emailed me the day before their big Spring/Summer campaign shoot asking if I wanted to come drop by. I couldn’t say no, especially as a keen photographer and a style enthusiast. Excellent opportunity to learn more about the craft and what the brand has coming up. Read on my fellow padawans.

Donald Russell | A Butchery Experience

posted by on 07/05/2013

Earlier this year, I was invited by Donald Russell to their head quarters in Inverurie, Aberdeen. For those who aren’t sure, Donald Russell is one of the biggest mail order butcheries in the UK and having been in business for over 40 years- their product range keeps expanding, offering meat, poultry, fish, game, ready meals, pastas, the lot. Though they sell plenty of stock online, they also provide for some of the top hotels around the world; so if you’ve stayed in any luxury hotels, it’s likely you would have eaten some of their products. Check out what happened when the guys over at Donald Russell invited us down to see what goes on in the world of butchery.

The View @ The Shard

posted by on 04/05/2013

The tower of Babylon, Sauron‘s Tower, some kind of Decepticon – that’s exactly what runs through my mind when I look at the Europe’s largest building towering over London’s skyline. The Shard certainly looked a little odd when it first started rising up in that area of London where there’s no real skyline. Does this new building warrant the extra £££ over the London Eye? Read on.