Our story

Who are we?

Yin&Yang was launched in late 2009 as a platform for two 2nd year Creative Advertising stu- dents - Niran Vinod (Yin) and Ernest Opoku (Yang) to document their lives, voice their opinions on everything they categorised as ‘cool’. Humble beginnings indeed.

Just over three years later we have grown exponentially, with over 10 regular contributors (or, as we term ourselves, family members), and an increasing international readership who share our passion for music, fashion, art, all things creative and all things London.

Somewhere along our three-year road, the vision changed. Growing from ‘2 fresh kids’ to a whole family of contributors, we found innovative ways to impart our passion for music, fashion, art, culture and creativity on our readers.

Not satisfied with merely documenting content dictated by the blogsphere, we decided to create. We turned interviews with some of world’s most talented musicians into conversations, we made stories experiences and created visual journeys worth a thousand words.