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Caribbean Cruising – Haiti & Jamaica | Royal Caribbean

posted by on 13/10/2016

It’s not often that you can claim to have woken up in a different country four days in a row but that’s exactly what happened when Adam and I took to the seas and embarked on our first full length cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A quick plane ride (please note the sarcasm as this plane ride felt extremely long. Probably due to the fact that we were seated apart and I was placed in the middle of a family who proceeded to talk and pass tings across me but that’s another story) over to Florida was required as the ship was to set sail from Port Canaveral just outside of Orlando.

Our itinerary would see us reach Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico all within a seven day time period. Our first destination was the exclusive to Royal Caribbean resort in Haiti. The sun, the sand and the palm trees were everything you could image the Caribbean to be. The staff were extremely friendly and entertainment was practically thrown at us from every direction.

Parasailing was our chosen excursion for the day. It involved jumping on a boat that took us all out to sea, far enough to where it was safe for us to begin. The boat ride was fast and bumpy, something that I don’t think Adam appreciated as he can get quite sea sick. Surprisingly he seemed to be handling the ride pretty well and was enjoying the views as much as the rest of us but that soon changed. When we were up in the air his body decided to crumble, he gave into his sickly feeling and projectile vomited all over the place. I really wanted to burst out laughing but I kept my composure long enough to show partial concern, not to mention I was recording out journey in the sky on a GoPro so I probably caught the whole thing on film.

Whilst Adam took to the sea following his sickly encounter with the skies, I decided to lounge on one of the deck chairs. I strategically placed it under one of the trees in a bid to stop myself from frying like an egg, little did I know that this would actually the least hot out of the four destinations but I’ll get into that another time. After basking in the sun for about an hour Adam returned from his swim where he described the water as being as warm as a bath.

Exploration was next on the agenda so we packed up our things and began walking around the resort with camera and water in tow. In all honesty the landscape was beautiful and picturesque everywhere we turned but because it was a resort so it all looked a bit too perfect. We somewhat felt that we weren’t getting to see the true essence of Haiti and the Caribbean as a whole but that was all about to change when we arrived in Jamaica.

It was in Jamaica where we were able to experience what a Caribbean country is actually like as our excursion took us away from the port and into the local area. I’ll touch more on our excursion in a bit but firstly I would like to give a quick mention to the weather which was both glorious but a tad bi-polar. For the majority of the day the sun was beaming and seemingly on a mission to out do the sun we had experienced in Haiti. The heat was seriously on a whole other level to what I’ve ever experienced here in grey old London, however we did get caught up in a rain storm that literally came out of no where. The rain came down so harshly that i’m pretty sure for the 30 minutes or so that it was raining there was enough rain to fill 5 Olympic swimming pools.

Before the weather decided that we all needed an outdoor shower, we headed into town to the Martha Bae river as part of our excursion. This is where we would be gliding down the river on a raft made of bamboo, hand crafted by our raft operator. He told us that it takes him three weeks to make a new raft once every six months. The journey down the river was both serene and peaceful, so peaceful that we could hear the creaking of the bamboo trees on the river banks either side of us.

As someone who comes from Jamaican heritage but have lived my whole life in the UK it was great to finally experience and feel a great connection to my roots. Although my first trip back “home” was short lived it definitely was a highlight and has invigorated my desire to explore more of my roots.

Sun, sea, sand, parasailing and the Martha Bae river were a great start to what turned out to be a great trip. Stay tuned on Y&Y as I’ll spill the beans about our adventures in Grand Cayman and Mexico very soon.

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