A Conversation With Folaju

posted by on 20/05/2013

Well this is the first time I’ve featured a good friend of mine on the site, even weirder interviewing him since I already know the answers for most of these questions. It’s taken me around a month to conjure a half decent set that are worthy of an answer. I met FJ through Yin&Yang and Twitter a few years back, though it took us over a year to meet and even then, I wasn’t sure what he looked like since his display picture featured his face covered up by a SLR. Read on folks as I flip reversed the camera on him.

Shama Anwar, A Portrait

posted by on 06/04/2013

It’s ‘ooh’s and ahh’s’ as we walk up the stairs to the quietly dim lit, vintage cafe, that  20 year old photographer Shama Anwar has invited us to for coffee at her favourite spot in Shoreditch. It hasn’t been long since her return from New York, where her activities included  spending the day with Bodega Bamz and  meeting the A$AP crew (to name a few) during fashion week, which she recently showcased at her first exhibition ‘Boyz Boyz Boyz‘ in London.  As she sips on her coffee and  nibbles on Baklava’s the East Londoner, tells us about her love for NYC and how humble Willy Cartier is.