When in Lucerne | A weekend in Switzerland

posted by on 24/07/2013

Switzerland! I naturally think watches, mountains, snow, chocolate… and that’s about it. I like all of those things (aside from snow) but Switzerland is one of those places that many people don’t know enough about including myself. Lucky for me, the Swiss Tourist board invited us to spend a weekend in Switzerland as part of a campaign to highlight some of the best spots in the country and change perceptions. I was one of a few bloggers and we were all given different cities, I got Lucerne which is North of central Switzerland. The weekend saw me explore Lucerne’s creative network, the nightlife, visit Lake Lucerne and immerse myself in Swiss culture with my ambassador; Heidi Happy. More after the break.

Heygate Estate

posted by on 08/07/2013

*Dad walks past me as I edit Heygate images on Lightroom* Dad: Where’s that? Me: *gulps* ‘It’s an abandoned estate in Elephant & Castle. We climbed to the…’ Dad interrupted me there with ‘VVHAT!’. To Indian parents, such things are a no-no and even if you’re going there to practice your craft. Alas, that isn’t going to stop me from doing more of this. It was fun seeing the city from a very different angle, especially in area there really isn’t much to see. Sorry E&C residents, I’ve had no reason to return to Elephant & Castle since graduating from LCC 2 years ago. Read on.

A Short Escape to Malta

posted by on 01/07/2013

I think it was mid-April whilst shooting a brand’s lookbook with the rest of the team when the email from the agency arrived in my inbox, much to my disbelief it contained an invite to Malta in May. Yo, I wasn’t expecting that but I’ll take it, any escape from the city life is a good one. Malta though? I wasn’t expecting much, heck I didn’t really know anything about the Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy. It’s not a place that my friends have spoken about previously about visiting so I had no idea about what to expect aside from the quick Google image search. Read on.

Donald Russell | A Butchery Experience

posted by on 07/05/2013

Earlier this year, I was invited by Donald Russell to their head quarters in Inverurie, Aberdeen. For those who aren’t sure, Donald Russell is one of the biggest mail order butcheries in the UK and having been in business for over 40 years- their product range keeps expanding, offering meat, poultry, fish, game, ready meals, pastas, the lot. Though they sell plenty of stock online, they also provide for some of the top hotels around the world; so if you’ve stayed in any luxury hotels, it’s likely you would have eaten some of their products. Check out what happened when the guys over at Donald Russell invited us down to see what goes on in the world of butchery.

The View @ The Shard

posted by on 04/05/2013

The tower of Babylon, Sauron‘s Tower, some kind of Decepticon – that’s exactly what runs through my mind when I look at the Europe’s largest building towering over London’s skyline. The Shard certainly looked a little odd when it first started rising up in that area of London where there’s no real skyline. Does this new building warrant the extra £££ over the London Eye? Read on.

What We Did In Rio

posted by on 28/04/2013

“What brought you to Brazil?” was the second most asked question I heard during my ten-day visit to Rio De Janeiro this month. I’d explain that the visit was mainly to kick off Y&Y Travels (and escape the SEVEN MONTH winter England had bestowed on us). However my answer – my true answer, anyway – was that I wasn’t quite sure. I just knew I felt drawn to the country, and more specifically, Rio, for a quite some time. I wasn’t sure where exactly the interest had stemmed from – I had no first-hand exposure to the culture, I’d never hit the samba spots with Elephant & Castle’s Brazilian contingent; in fact, I’d never even seen City of God (which is hardly a tourist-friendly representation of Rio, but still). The point is, I had no real, informed opinion of what I’d see, smell, hear, taste or feel in Rio De Janeiro, and this made this ten-day sensory overload even greater.

Chivas Regal – The Whisky Masterclass

posted by on 22/04/2013

One of the plus points of the site being on hiatus during development was the free time, it opened up a whole world of opportunities to shoot new content and learn more about what we enjoyed. Whisky is definitely the drink of choice here at Yin&Yang, why? because of Mad Men. I kid, because of Yang – our very own whisky connoisseur but my own liking of the drink is down to the TV show and my family. For as long as I can remember, there has always been a bottle of Chivas Regal in my house. From my Grandaddy’s days till right now in my Dad’s drinks cabinet. More after the cut folks.

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