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So what’s the purpose of this new feature? Exploring a live show from a very different angle. It’s nice to see the journey from rehearsals all the way to the live show, I’d love to capture future features in much more details with more backstage access but this is a start. A good friend of mine, Kola Bello, who you may remember from last year’s YiNYC series is Alex’s keyboard player and key music man invited me down to their rehearsal location in South London. I headed down there with a keen eye to see how it all comes together.

Bare in mind I came in around 6:45 which is just a hour before rehearsals ended at 8pm. They had been rehearsing for the whole day before I had arrived post-work, energy was still there for the last few songs before the sunset.

Music is one of the creative gifts I haven’t been given, I can’t sing nor play an instrument (well) – bar a few odd piano lessons when I was younger, I haven’t really had much experience. It’s not my forte but it’s always inspiring see someone who’s passionate about their craft and the meticulous detail that goes into creating a live show.

Those of you who haven’t heard of Alex Clare, please educate yourself and click here. ‘Oh that song!’ you say, yes indeed. Alex’s infectious ‘Too Close‘ song was picked up by Microsoft for their award winning 2012 Internet Explorer advert. I’m going to let the images do the talking.

For someone who’s blown up to a quite an international level, Alex was real humble and down to earth. An ordinary guy with an extraordinary voice. People tend to not notice the band behind the voice who help create the atmosphere at the event, seeing them in action BTS was an interesting insight into their important role in the conundrum.


Pit photography is always a challenge; from battling around with other photographers to being deafened by the speakers and crowd. Plus the shortage of time as some events like this only allow you to take photographs for the first three songs so better get trigger happy for 15 minutes and boy, I did. With over 400 photographs to edit, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 50 odd for this post.

Review? I’d give the show top marks, Summer Series always has a great vibe and it’s not too big of a concert so there is still a bit of an intimacy at the venue. The band’s presence definitely stood out for me, their stadium-filling instrumentals set the tone before Alex came out and rocked out with his strong vocals. A perfect combination of instrumentation and vocals that continued to progress throughout the night.

All props to the singer and band to bringing their A-game, the energy was great once the crowd got going on a hot summer’s day in London. A rarity that we’ve been enjoying for the past fortnight. Alex’s soft acoustic songs to intense vocal melodies for his more bass heavy songs really showcased his versatile vocal range. Excellent show, full of great vibes and energy. It’s made me want to do more concert photography, definitely want to take a month off work at some point in the next few years to go on tour with a band. All for new challenges and experiences.

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed this new feature, we’ll be doing more in the near future. Are there any artists in particular that you’d like us to cover?

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