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posted by on 20/07/2013

I’m sure this is a common childhood memory for every bookworm in the world, but I remember after being told to go to bed, I’d find myself reading in the dark praying that any ounce of light that escaped from my curtain would cast itself on to my page as I finished the last line of my Jacqueline Wilson book. Let’s just say that light did me well cause I still have that 20/20 vision.

I know you’re probably asking yourself what relevance this story has to this article. Well there isn’t really, but it made me thinks of those days as a child when I stepped into BookMarc. Call me a kid in a candy store, as my eyes met literature, social memorabilia and art all safely secured in a room that was once a safe in a bank.

BookMarc is far from your average bookstore. It’s a place filled with literature, fashion art and entertainment from the best of British, and is one of four BookMarcs in the world, (the others residing in LA, NYC and Paris. Selling books and magazines such as ‘A’ magazine, that are rare to find in the UK, are considered more of a collectors piece, rather than something you’d pick up for a casual read at your local WHSmith.

A warm and enchanting space filled with the literature of Britain’s best authors past and present. The pieces for sale at BookMarc are a piece of history, which exude such immense artistic value. Something you would proudly display on your shelve and refer to back and forth, a precious treasure that sparks a memory, which you can hold on to forever. You can tell that every book that resides in BookMarc has been carefully and specifically picked for a reason.

The Stationery consists of humorous and affectionate notes such as ‘Shit I’ll never get done’ and ‘I f**king love you’  (written in both English and French).  Lipstick pens, and BookMarc’s very own Krink collaboration, it would be extremely hard to leave empty handed.

But if you’ve just come for a gander, you’re more than welcome to browse as you take a seat on the sofa, whilst you listen to their eclectic playlist that serves as background music to your BookMarc experience. The carefully constructed Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutches, and Andrew Malone books merchandised on to a table shows that looks like a special display showing that BookMarc reminiscent of a gallery than a bookshop.

location BookMarc, Basement of Marc Jacobs store, 56 South Audley Street, London, W1K 2QJ

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