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Through the Lens | 48 hours in Ibiza

posted by on 02/11/2015

Over the years, Ibiza has made a name for itself in the nightlife scene across the world. If you want the big clubs, the hot weather and a very unique nightlife experience, Ibiza is the place to go. That is, of course, if you have circa £15 to spend on a bottle of beer. So, you have to wonder, does Ibiza have anything else to offer other than the raving, shuffling and gurning jaws? In a similar fashion to our recent trip to Mallorca, holiday experts On the Beach wanted to show us another side to this popular holiday destination. In 48 hours I managed to see just how beautiful this island is.

I’d rather keep words to a minimum in this feature and let the photos showcase the best parts of the 48 hours I had in Ibiza. Because for most part, I was witnessing some of the most amazing landscapes, secluded beaches, architecture and peaceful luxury hotels I had ever seen. My words won’t do it justice. Instead, I’d rather you saw what I’m referring to through my lens.

While Ibiza is a mere dot in comparison to Mallorca, it makes up for size in an array of traits that have become Ibiza a world-famous destination for people of all walks of life. The rich, the famous, the teenage ravers, the older ravers, the ‘hippies’, families, couples and more. While the focus has been, and will continue to be, on the nightlife offering of the island, many ignore the natural offerings of Ibiza, from it’s pine forests to it’s coved beaches. It’s a European gem of an island many don’t experience past the major bars and clubs.

Day 1

Staying at the Sol Beach House hotel in the tranquil settings of Santa Eulalia, I felt right at home around minimal designs and peaceful vibes. It wasn’t long before I was also checking out the more upbeat luxury resort of ME Ibiza over a spot of lunch overlooking the clear blue waters. After a bit of downtime, I then hit up the famous Ibiza Rocks hotel for a night of live music, following by a visit to Pikes – the Ibiza Rocks House. The big clubs aren’t my scene, so this was a welcome experience of Ibiza nightlife.

Day 2

Day 2 started with a guided tour of Ibiza’s old town – visiting the bastion of Saint Bernat, the Cathedral of Santa Maria and getting a sneak peak at the old streets (something I’m dying to see more of). After a paella at a family-run restaurant on the South West coast of the island, we then hopped in a few old cars for a tour around the natural landscapes of the island. Pine forests, windy roads and coved beaches. This was unreal.

A trip can be so much more fulfilling with planning and an open mind to explore. While many know Ibiza for it’s nightlife, the island has an incredible amount to offer. In 48 hours I had seen beaches very few people have ever seen, I had driven country roads the British ravers wouldn’t go near, and I had ate in restaurants that weren’t bearing the golden arches of McDonald’s. That’s my idea of a trip to Ibiza.

The clubs and bars in Ibiza are like no others, so I’m not here saying don’t visit them if you’ve been dying to. But venture outside of the box and see more of what this island has to offer while you’re at it. Its old town is about as Spanish as you can get, its quiet beaches are ridiculously peaceful and its green landscapes are mesmerising. With every travel feature from us, we aim to inspire to explore more, to take in more, and to experience more. Ibiza is no exception.

Special thanks once again to the amazing team over at On the Beach for showing us yet another side to a popular destination.

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  • Photography by: Adam
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