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Capture Moments Every Day

posted by on 07/05/2016

It’s easy to get lost in the day. Caught up in the routine. Too often we’re finding this out lately as we become busier and busier with our personal lives that the amount of time we can commit to Y&Y is falling. Career changes, moves abroad and life getting in the way. This’ll change soon though, so watch this space. In the meantime, Samsung and Three UK approached us last month (yes, that’s how behind we are on things) asking if we’d like to take the new Samsung Galaxy S7 for a spin. I’m a bit of a tech lover myself, but I’ve never liked Samsung phones nor has Y&Y done much in the tech space. Still, it gave us an opportunity to talk about something we strive to do when in our creative bubble. Capture those moments that mean something to you, every day. And the beauty of a great camera on a mobile phone is that it becomes so much easier to do so.

We all use our phones every day. While it can be a huge distraction at times and often something we try to put down instead of use more of, it’s something we’re using throughout our lives to document and capture those moments important to us. We document cool stuff on our social networks, and with the growth of Snapchat, we capture stuff every day. Even if it’s a selfie on our lunch break with dog features on our face.

First and foremost, please don’t treat this as a review of a phone. We don’t do that here. But my word the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the sexiest piece of tech I’ve ever held in my hand. I imagine the S7 Edge (with the curved screen on the edges) would be even more so. It’s designed brilliantly and built to perfection, to the extent that I thoroughly enjoyed picking this phone up to explore and shoot with. Saying that, hardware aside, I’m an iOS fanboy, and love my iPhone too much to part ways with it and move to the dark side. I had one week with the S7, which sounds like enough, but I barely had time to play with the phone. The time I did have made me fond of Android systems a bit more though. It feels a lot smoother than it has done in previous Samsung models. It’s fast, responsive and easy to navigate. Also, did I mention how frickin’ beautiful this phone looks?

One bit of playing I HAD to do before giving back the phone was testing the waterproof-ness of this bad boy. I dunked it under water quite a few times and the phone continued to work perfectly. No, this isn’t the first waterproof phone (in fact, it’s not even Samsung’s first) but it was a fun and scary process nonetheless. One part of the phone that I really enjoyed was the camera. Probably the best I’ve ever used on a smartphone. It opens fast and the brilliant screen makes photo taking really easy. It performs well when light is low and focuses super fast. Beats the iPhone camera hands down in terms of sharpness of images and with the quality of images I managed to get, I’d confidently say it can easily become your go to camera when out and about.

I had a trip down to nearby Greenwich, more specifically to the Old Royal Naval College – the grounds and buildings of my old University. It’s times like this when I’m out of work and can clear my head. There’s been plenty of times where the best part of my day has been when I’ve pulled out my phone to capture something I’ve seen. It’s something that brings me that bit of joy on a dull and boring day at work. And it’s something we’re looking to do more and more. Making at least one moment in each day worth capturing.

Read more on the Samsung S7 here at Three UK. And thanks to both for letting us get our hands on thew new phone!

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  • Photos by Adam
  • Words by Adam + DJB
  • Special thanks to Samsung and Three UK