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Day and Night | Mallorca

posted by on 09/07/2015

There’s more than one side to every story. If you want the full picture, you need to know more than one side. You need to see more than one side and you need to experience them. Only then can you put the pieces together. Travel is becoming a big passion of ours here at Y&Y, whether we’re exploring Asia, visiting spectacular European cities, or even doing something a bit more spontaneous, we love to document our journeys and tell a story. On The Beach is one of the UK’s leading holiday providers, sending over a million people to sunny locations across Europe every year. One of their most popular destinations is Mallorca. A beautiful island in the Spanish Mediterranean with it all to offer. We were invited to experience Mallorca at a 4* hotel in the party capital of the island. The BH Mallorca was our base in the heart of Magaluf and we set out to discover the full story of this Spanish island.

Travelling is all about the journey. And that doesn’t necessarily mean A to B then back to A. It means the experiences you have is what makes that journey so memorable. With any trip you take, it should never be one dimensional in that you only experience one particular side of where you are. It’s about seeing all you can, and experiencing different sides to where you’re visiting. Those different sides could be anything. Anything that fits your idea of creating that journey and writing your own story of your trip. Some places may seem one dimensional, but with a little exploration and planning, you can experience more than you could have ever imagined.

Mallorca is famous for many things. Its beaches, its coves, its beautiful capital, Palma, and, of course, the clubbing destination of Magaluf. A prime spot for the 18-30 crowd, Magaluf has had its fair share of bad publicity over the years for being somewhere drunk Brits go for cheap booze, bars that stay open until the morning, and a to get up to all manner of mischief. Asides from that Magaluf is just another beautiful location on a picturesque Balearic island.

I stayed at the BH Mallorca. Formally the infamous Mallorca Rocks, this beast of a hotel is the only place to stay if you want to be in the heart of the parties and want a base to explore the rest of the island. With three separate and very distinct parts of the hotel, it’s impossible to be bored here. Not only that, but, in my books, the variety of entertainment and relaxation the BH Mallorca offers is an accurate representation of Mallorca itself.

Three separate areas, three very different feels. Each area has a pool, and each area is unique in its own way. In the middle of the hotels 3 buildings you’ll find a waterpark. Yes, a waterpark. Walk to the left and you’ll hit the ‘Island Beach’. A relaxing area with bars and VIP lounge areas where music pumps through the speakers from the hotel resident DJs from 11am until 8pm. All. Day. Long. Do a right and you’ll arrive at the ‘Stage’ area. A chill out spot during the day, which then transforms in to a gig space with a huge festival-like stage and speakers and smoke machines that create an atmosphere like nothing you’d ever expect to experience in a hotel. Yes, you’re in Magaluf, and you can take that as you will, but this hotel is a 4* gem in this clubbing destination that showcases what this island is all about. There’s more than one side to every story.

When I wasn’t taking in all the hotel had to offer, I was experiencing the island at day and at night. A boat tour from Magaluf’s white sandy beach took me around the island seeing the coves and secluded beaches with million Euro houses overlooking them. This is just 10mins on a boat ride away from a strip of cheap bars and fast-food outlets. A sign that staying in Magaluf doesn’t mean you’re limited to what goes on there, when this island has so much to offer.

Palma is the capital of Mallorca and offers yet another side to everything you’ve already seen and experienced on the island. A short drive from Magaluf, Palma is the largest city of all the Balearic islands and has its own character to admire. Its busy main streets and transport links are contrasted by the peace and tranquility of the cathedral and the surrounding area. Cobbled alleys and narrow streets flow between stunning architecture, cafes and delightful little shops.

As dusk draws in, Mallorca stays peaceful and beautiful. Well, at least most of it does. Illetas is an amazing little restaurant in the cliffside of a quiet beach on the island. Surrounded by other bars and a luxury hotel, the restaurant and surrounding area has a lovely evening feel to it as the sky turns purple. The night draws in, the waves trickle on to the beach and this peaceful night time location was yet another side of Mallorca I had experienced. Of course, there is more to do at night time in Mallorca than eat 3 course meals over fine Spanish wine while the sun sets…

At night, BH Mallorca is a whole new beast. Loud music keeps everyone alive and kicking until 8pm when things cool off for a bit. Things soon kick off again though, as the Stage section of the hotel plays host to all manner of acts. I was lucky enough to witness London local lad Tinie Tempah do his thing to the hotel guests, all of which were of course heading to the famous Magaluf strip straight after.

Don’t get me wrong, Magaluf is not for the feint-hearted. Alcohol pours all night, music blasts from the clubs and bars until the morning, and the crowds mingle and have the best night of their lives…until the next night. It’s non stop here, and it’s not for everyone. Saying that, if you’re in Magaluf, you’re here for that. It’s one side of the story in Mallorca. And it’s one you need to see and experience.

There’s more than one side to every story. Mallorca is a story in itself, and the BH Mallorca reflects this perfectly. Through day and night, there’s so much to experience on this island, and it’s all part of the journey of travelling. Leave your comfort zone once in a while and experience something new. Whether that’s exploring the incredible beaches and coves, discovering the streets and hidden gems of Palma, or losing yourself in a foam party on the Magaluf strip. Take a journey, and uncover the full story.

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