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Red Wing Heritage

posted by on 05/05/2015

While we love technology and the new, we get just as excited about heritage brands and products with history, just have a look at our work with Levi’s or the story of how we’ve attempted to Make History. This time we’ve been given the opportunity to work with another brand that we’ve admired for a long time. If you don’t know already, Red Wing is an American brand rooted in uncompromising craftsmanship, with over 100 years of practice in the art of designing and producing footwear that’s made to last. With two pairs of boots and a woodland to explore, Adam and I put their hard work to the test.

Be you a farmer, miner, factory worker or postman, Red Wing’s initial aim was to make a shoe for the worker. Each style very specifically designed to suit the needs of that profession and withstand the day-to-day battering they would likely take during the long working hours. As a result a pair of Red Wing’s require a little wearing in, while they may seem uncomfortable and stiff at first, in the long term you’ll have a pair of shoes that should stand the test of time. Don’t be put off on day one, if you can, wear them around the house until your feet and the shoes become friends.

Workwear is an undying trend that seems to transcend and worm it’s way into every fashion subculture, be it in the form of high quality denim, the classic plaid shirt or heavy boot. It’s a real sign that a pair of Red Wing’s aren’t just going to stand up physically but are timeless designs that will remain in style even when faced with constantly changing trends. Investment pieces are unfortunately often overlooked when cheap production methods allow some high street retailers to make less costly alternatives but they just won’t age in the same glorious way.

While I opted for the 6-inch Round Toe, Adam’s Red Wing of choice was the 6-inch Moc Toe, perhaps the most iconic of all the Red Wing styles and a constant bestseller for the brand. As this style was originally designed for farm work, it made it the ideal shoe for the muddy forest we found ourselves in, while my own was immediately comfortable and required a little less walking in. What I love is that as you take these out of the box and the smell of leather reaches your nose, something instinctively tells you that you’ve bought quality. You know that great care and attention to detail has gone into what you find in that shoe box, which is something you rarely feel tearing into that package you ordered a few days before from an online retailer. A pair of Red Wings are, without a doubt, a worthy investment.

Check out the online store here: Red Wing Heritage
Or pay them a little visit at their store near Carnaby Street.

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