#TasteforAdventure with Mud House

posted by on 09/04/2015

Every so often we need a bit of adventure in our lives. While we get lost in the 9-5, it’s easy to forget to explore new things, try something for the first time or challenge yourself. As we’ve said before, too often we get caught up in the busy city lifestyle, stuck behind our screens, and make little effort to adventure in to the great outdoors. So, when Mud House Wine, a brand built up from an adventurous spirit, asked to explore the incredible Forest of Dean, we packed our walking boots and headed for the pines with our cameras, open minds, and a #TasteforAdventure.

Mud House is a brand that is no stranger to adventure. Founded by John and Jennifer Joslin, a couple from the UK, the brand has a rich heritage of almost two decades in the beautiful country of New Zealand, where the Joslin’s found themselves after setting sail to travel the world. Falling in love with the adventurous spirit of New Zealand, the couple decided to build a new vineyard with every ounce of the taste for adventure from both themselves and the country they now called home. In fact, the brand is currently running a pretty sweet competition to win a trip to New Zealand, well worth checking out over on their Facebook. Having a #TasteforAdventure is about exploring new things and what better way to reflect the great outdoors of New Zealand than to explore our own back garden in the Forest of Dean.

Words by Aaron

I’ve experienced more adventure in the last year than I probably have my entire life, exploring Asia was a whole new challenge but none of my adventures have been as close to home as this most recent one. My geographical knowledge even of Britain is abysmal, so when I boarded our train from Paddington to Gloucester, I didn’t really have the slightest idea where I was going, all I knew was that once there we had to find a cabin somewhere in the Forest of Dean. That’s what adventure is all about though right? Exploring the unfamiliar with a fearless spirit, discovering the unknown and growing as a result of the experience. There’s no such thing as taking the wrong path, when either route can only lead to further discovery.

Our first challenge was finding our home for the weekend in the middle of the night, the keys to our cabin had been handed over by a mysterious man in the dark and we had nothing but the moonlight and our phones to light the path, our adventure had begun sooner than expected. Trekking the muddy path and following dubious sign posts, we eventually found our place to be warm and comfortable, a welcomed escaped from the grim conditions outside.

Rising early was essential in our pursuit of adventure and the beautiful imagery it was certain to bring with it. With little more than our cameras, water and a packet of Hobnobs packed in our bags, we set off on a quaint trail, frequented by families and the odd dog walker. We knew, however, that this wasn’t the route we were destined to take, less than thirty minutes in we diverted down a path far less trodden. At times our journey was travelled on no path at all but on a sense of instinct and an urge to unearth some metaphysical treasure, and of course obstacles presented themselves along the way.

The River Wye runs along much of the border between England and Wales, it also ran directly through our walking route and presented us with a serious challenge. A challenge that could only be overcome with life jackets, paddles and a canoe. Fighting with the wind and the possibility of capsizing, we made it to the other side in one piece and continued our walk, this time following the river and taking a break from what had previously been a strenuous and steep hilly walk.

Even as it grew darker, we boldly ventured into further unknown parts of the wood to take advantage of the eerie but slightly magical lighting that settled amongst the trees. Our legs ached but our passion for the adventure continued to burn, not letting us give up. We walked who knows how many miles and a total of twelve hours over the weekend. The chance to escape the city will always be welcomed and the call to adventure will always be answered.

Having a taste for adventure adds not only a bit of excitement in your life, but it’s just needed. Needed to escape. Needed to explore. Needed to inspire. We all have a taste for adventure, it’s just about finding it.

Special thanks to Mud House for this incredible adventure, and go check their Facebook for the chance to visit New Zealand!

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  • Narrative by: Aaron
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