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Two Angle SS14

posted by on 24/12/2013

Man what a quiet period, it’s that time of the year where everyone’s a little burnt out and rejoicing in the fact that we have a few days of holiday. For us, it’s time to start shooting content again after letting November and early December day job routines win the never-ending battle of balance. So it’s time to share what we’ve been up to behind-the-scenes, 2013 has been a great year in terms of repositioning Y&Y from a ‘blog’ to a content led platform. Screw your regurgitated blog nonsense. We prefer creating our own – way more enjoyable.

It’s funny. Yang and I started shooting a few years back with a Palladium boots feature in Beckton Park. Who knew we’d come to a point where brands would reach out to ask us if we would be up for shooting the content. From lookbooks to reviews and even features on our own site. Money can easily be the motive but we’ve always stood by shooting content that is only relevant to our audience. Why on earth should we feature a brand/project that we wouldn’t usually…for money? Integrity. We only post what we like. Not what ‘they‘ want.

So when the good folks from Two Angle reached out to us to create their lookbook, we weren’t going to say no. A new challenge as a unit to cater to a client’s needs, it’s something most of the team know from our day jobs in agency side roles. We certainly were going to ensure our creative freedom wasn’t taken away by client needs. We came in as a creative unit consisting of photographer, stylists, MUA and runners. The concept was provided by the brand’s agency Emslie Creative.

Everyone always credits the photographer first in shoots like this. If I’m completely honest, the people behind the scenes made most of it happen so shout outs to Nike and Derek who handled all the styling and Joanne Reyes who made sure the make-up was on point. I’m pretty sure DJB came to the shoot with next to no sleep but his sleepy ass contribution was much needed to ensure the lighting was right.

One of the main reasons I’ve started a portraiture project is to work on my ability as a photographer to make my subjects feel comfortable in front of camera. Models like Billy Huxley are pros: they know their poses, how to flaunt them and keep it natural in front of the camera. It always helps when you have distinguished look and Billy has that with his epic beard and tattoo game.

In terms of photography style, it’s pretty straight forward – lots of portrait shots from all different angles from full body to cropped head shots. As it’s a Spring/Summer lookbook, it’s only right to have warmish post processing on the imagery which I did through Adobe Lightroom to start off with it.

It’s just easier to do quickly than Photoshop – I always start off in the former then finish up in the latter as it has more precision and control when touching up small details such as creases and marks on the clothing.

So that’s it folks, a sneak peak into what we do behind-the-scenes. Most of the time, we come up with the concept and narrative behind the shoot too but in this case – the agency took care of that. You can keep up to date with the brand here – all these items should be available on their online store.

I haven’t actually spoken about the clothing. It’s a fusion between all the current trends in the streetwear market – all over pattern prints (floral, Egyptian, baroque and camo), destroyer/letterman jackets and other classic silhouettes. It’s pretty out there and bold.

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