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The Wellness Experience in Ibiza | Technogym

posted by on 27/08/2014

For most people Ibiza is a party Island, where you go to give your liver a good work out whilst enjoying breathtaking views. But the latter proved to be most true on our recent trip to the Spanish Island (though there was some drinking involved). Thanks to Technogym, we were treated to a 2-day stint in Ibiza where we stayed at Pacha’s newly opened Destino Ibiza, a beautiful resort in the hills of Cap Martinet. The resort has teamed up with Italian gym equipment manufacturer Technogym to offer their guests a premium wellness experience and they invited us over to see for ourselves. We of course took all necessary measures to ensure we could go – read all about our trip after the break.

So Yin and I left for the airport at the ungodly hour of 3am, though picked up in a Green Tomato car which came equipped with free wi-fi, my mind was blown. I hadn’t slept due to fear of waking up at 5am with 10 missed calls and a missed flight to my name, however the lack of sleep was immediately nullified by the free wi-fi.

We headed to Stansted airport where we waited patiently to be flown to our destination; meanwhile on our plane a herd of teens were downing beers and screeching like they were on spring break. However, that was all over pretty quickly once we experienced a bit of turbulence, they sat themselves down REAL quick.

We arrived at the resort and it’s safe to say Destino is the nicest I’ve ever been to, it’s luxurious. The first thing I saw even before checking in was the pool area, which was rather huge with a whole host of sun beds, 2 bars, a stage, a waterside restaurant, chillout areas and a detached Jacuzzi and views of the open sea. Our room was pretty sweet too, the décor was standard but it was air conditioned and that got rinsed!

We’d arrived at the resort around 8am, so after a quick orientation of the grounds we tucked into a buffet breakfast offering the full works (eggs, bacon, pancakes, cured meats, fruits) payable at a hefty £20 though! After a time out to digest, we then headed out to find water and supplies. We were told to head into the nearest town ‘Jesus’; sometimes in an unfamiliar place it’s easier to just wing it, which we did to a certain extent.

On the way we came across a very eerie but equally fascinating abandoned water park, of course Yin was eager to go and do Urban Exploration which I wasn’t here for. It soon wore off when we realised how difficult (and dangerous) it would have been to get in. He had to make do with snapping through the fences.

We continued on our journey deeper into the wilderness where we found a local shop – we stocked up and headed further down when we spotted the beach which was part of another resort, a more family friendly atmosphere.

But the scenery was amazing with landscapes of the open sea and huge cruise ships along with smaller boats. The water was nice and clear and the coastline was lined with nice bars and restaurants. There is always something very relaxing about being by the sea, whether it’s the sound of the waves, the calm breeze or the gorgeous scenery. We walked back to the resort where we experienced a Coming to America moment with the security guard…

That evening, we were treated to dinner at the resort where we devoured sushi platters for starters and for mains we were given the options to have fish or chicken, we of course went for the latter. We then proceeded to drink plenty of wine whilst getting to know our fellow guests.

Over the last couple of years, health and fitness has become such a big part of the Y&Y team. Some of us were reluctant at first, but one by one we’ve all embraced it one way or another. I adopted eating healthier and keeping fit lifestyle around this time last year and have seen vast improvements in my general well-being. Trying to stick to a good diet and keeping a consistent schedule of work outs is proving rather difficult for some of us though, our lifestyles and busy schedules being the reason!

Yin: I can vouch for this; fitness for me has become such an integral part of my life. The constantly one-upping yourself has kept me going throughout but the diet hasn’t been as strict as last year. Christmas is to blame for that, I fell off the no-carb/low carb bandwagon over that period and never quite got back on it properly till this trip. It was an opportunity to up the training, understand what works on our bodies better and try out new workout techniques.

After breakfast, we headed out to kick start our training day, our first session with the Technogym Active Wellness ball.

You might have seen these balls at your gym but you’ll notice this one looks slightly different. Technogym’s wellness ball comes with an outer casing that makes it far more durable and dynamic than your average fitness ball. The casing allows you to perform a whole range of exercises from press ups and lunges to resistance band core exercises.

Yin: Ha, being one of those guys who like to lift in the gym most of the time, this made me for a refreshing change and eye opener that all strength doesn’t come from just pumping iron. Core strength is vital to your fitness; it’ll help with everything from posture to composing yourself to lift more weight than usual. You’ve probably overheard PTs saying keep your core tight many times, it’s the source of your strength and stability. Keep it tight folks.

Yin: Yeesh, I wasn’t looking forward to this one straight after the core work class which was more intense that I expected it. I’ve never done Spin before and I’m sure I’ll never do spin like that again for a while. The class was setup in the heart of the resort’s pool/relaxation area looking onto the sea.

It felt like the Blurred Lines video was being shot at our resort – so many people walking around naked/half-naked haha. Back to spin, the instructor was awesome; his framework for the class involved us metaphorically climbing up and down several mountains and hills. It was so much fun that we asked for an extra 5-10 minutes of working out although Yang got a little bit too excited and broke his cycle.

Yin: After the spin class, we had lunch with the rest of the team and the Italian fashion influencers. More sushi, more gourmet portions – we were hungry so we headed out to ‘Jesus’ again to find a beverage or two, eat and explore the scenery again. We found a local spot that were doing 2-for-1 drinks for €5 – who can turn down such a deal? The uncle working at the shop was Filipino so ended up talking to him about Ibiza, back home in the Philippines and the fact I’m getting married to a Filipina next year. It was nice to experience a little bit of reality outside of almost utopian resort. I guess you could call this, getting to know the culture and what the real islanders are like. Ibiza’s renowned for the party scene but prior to it turning into that, it was an old people’s island; a place where retired people came to enjoy the last few decades of their lives.

Yin:After a few drinks, probably not the wisest choice we’ve ever made, we headed back to the resort to attend our personal training session. The poor instructor had been waiting around all afternoon for people to train with him so he was pretty glad to see us. The other group seemed to be enjoying the resort’s pool and bar – which we can’t blame them for but for us, it was always going to be about the GAINS. Haha. I’ve had a personal instructor in London for about a year and half so I’m used to being trained by someone else, each instructor always has their own way of doing things and he was pretty insightful on stretching and warming up in a different way to the usual. From sprints, using tennis balls and even the dreaded burpees. We then went onto do a quick back and shoulder session.

Overall we enjoyed this experience, it was nice to leave London, chill out at such a nice resort for a couple of days and pick up a lot of useful exercising tips. Ibiza really is a beautiful island; they say you should do it at least once… I know I’ll be going back. Big thanks to Technogym for the experience and to Destino for all the hospitality.

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