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posted by on 17/09/2013

It has been a while since Derek and I dropped a big fashion post on you, so what better time to treat you all than during London Fashion Week. For this one we have teamed up with a great brand that you may or may not be familiar with, Pocket Square Clothing. Dedicated to both timeless and contemporary design, PSC does not limit it self to just the accessory in its title with a range of bow ties and neck ties vast enough to please even the fussiest of customer. It is their attention to detail and great eye for design, be it minimalist or extravagant, that ultimately shines through in the quality of every individual piece that they make. Because of this, it was easy for Derek and I to put together pocket square focused looks. Read on and see exactly what we put together.

Aaron: For many the pocket square is the icing on the cake of a gloriously tailored suit; you put on your trousers, shirt, tie, waistcoat, jacket and shoes, only to finish off the look with an effortlessly cool square of fabric in your breast pocket. When done correctly this is something I find hard not to admire, whether it be white or extravagantly patterned, the pocket square stands out in just the right way every time.

However, and I am sorry to kill the sartorial mood, but this look just is not for me. Not yet anyway. While it is a look that I admire and occasionally utilise on special occasions, day to day it just does not fit my lifestyle. Wearing a suit to the gym, lectures or my part time retail job, places at which I spend a fair amount of time, would just attract the kind of attention I do not really need.

Above: The Sinclair. Click here to buy

Aaron: Instead, the pocket square is for me the chance for the every man to add a bit of flair to their look. It gives a man who is considered well dressed, the opportunity to be considered stylish and is still an effortlessly cool, stand out accessory. I put together casual and smart casual looks that reflect my lifestyle and allow me to feel comfortable as I go about my day.

I felt it important that I show the diversity of the pocket square as an item that should not be restricted to only your smartest of outfits. The pocket square exists to be had fun with and should not be feared, while it looks great folded, simply throwing it into your pocket in an organised but not overly thought out way also has a great effect. Add your own twist to it; have it hang out, put it into a different pocket, tuck it into your collar like a bib if you really want to (not highly suggested) but whatever you do, own it and wear it with confidence like everything else you put on.

Above: The Areta. Click here to buy | Below: The Royal Wine. Click here to buy

Derek: On my commute to work, I tend to pass time by engaging in my hobby of people watching (aka soft voyeurism) and I am always surprised by the number of suit-clad gents with naked breast pockets. The dress code policy of my new workplace requires me to don a wardrobe of shirts and suits (not complaining, tis the uniform of a marketing ninja) and  in contrast to Aaron’s looks, I adopted the pocket square as a means to add a little character to my otherwise routine workwear.

In both looks, I decided to inject a touch of colour to contrast against my neutral outfits (a pocket square is also a good way to break up a monotone suit). In the first look, I decided to go with the conservative flat pocket (aka the ‘Mad Men’ fold) to counter the bold print of the ‘Venetian’ pocket square whilst I opted for a more nonchalant puff pocket fold with the subtle camo square to create a well balanced sartorial look.

The dilemma that plagued me when I first started investing in pocket squares (and occasionally stealing from my brother) was ‘to match or not to match’. The majority of the time, I chose to compliment my shirt and tie without directly matching the colour/pattern but the key is to experiment. There are many contenders for the accolade of favourite menswear accessory but the humble square of fabric is definitely the most iconic (and for good reason).

The pocket square is a statement…everything from the colour, texture and fold can reflect the personality (and sometimes mood) of the wearer. Its the little things that make the biggest impact and the PSC pocket squares are a great example. It shows the attention to detail that most people overlook which some would argue is the essence of style.

The pocket square has gracefully evolved from practical handkerchief to pièce de résistance of a gentleman’s ensemble and whilst I live by the ‘form & function’ mantra – pocket squares are purely for showing, not blowing #thankmelater.


Begin by laying the pocket square flat. Fold it in half horizontally twice so that you have a smaller square. Now fold this in half horizontally once again so that you have a small rectangle. As easily as that the straight fold is done and ready to pimp out your pocket.


Begin by laying the pocket square flat. Fold it in half diagonally once. Now fold the two corners of the longer edge up towards the third corner, you want them to sit just either side of that right angle and create a kite shape in the centre. The next stage is a little tricky but you want to flip the whole thing over onto its reverse side. Now fold the sides into the middle to make what looks rather like a cone, this is a little difficult to describe but hopefully the images will help. Now all you need to do is fold the bottom point of the cone into the centre and it is ready for your pocket.


Begin by laying the pocket square flat. Fold it in half horizontally once and then twice so that you have a smaller square. From here you want to fold it in half again but diagonally. Now fold both corners of the longer edge into just beyond the centre of that line. The corners should overlap. The pocket square is now ready to be placed in the pocket.

If you’re digging what you’ve seen above and want to add pocket squares to your style game then this is for you. Our good friends at Pocket Square Clothing want to offer you a chance to win all the pocket squares featured in the post above, all you have to do is head on over to the blog and answer one simple question. Click here.

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