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Dante’s Fried Chicken – Ride or Fry

posted by on 14/04/2013

Dante’s Fried Chicken, goodness me. Derek and I headed down to the press brunch last Sunday and here I am almost a week later, still reminiscing the taste of that chicken. It’s another league to any fried chicken that I’ve had in London in the past. Perfect texture, moisture, crispyness – you name it. I’m dreaming about chicken.

Before we even get started on the break down of the food, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Dante Gonzales, the founder and head chef behind DFC. Short and sweet interview.


Why fried chicken?

Dante: Well, I started out as a film maker actually and supported myself through film studies as a chef. I never thought I’d be doing this and end up frying chicken around the globe. When I started throwing conceptual food parties in Brooklyn in 2000, I would make my grandmother’s fried chicken … and that’s where fried chicken became the mascot of DFC.

How would you describe your cooking philosophy?

Dante: My cooking philosophy is what I describe as “celebration food”. To me,  growing up as a child I would look forward to when my family would come together for an event or holiday as it’d be the only time people in my family would not argue and fight. The food was prepared especially for these times, and lots of times some of the recipes would only be served during these special functions.

What do you think of the fried chicken scene in London?

Dante: IT’S HUGE! I think it’s because of the anthropological evidence that breading then frying meats was done in Scotland and then infused with African propitiation in the US. In other words, fried chicken seems to be in the UK DNA.

What’s next for DFC following the book launch?

Dante: I’ll be launching a fried chicken taco residency in the downtown LA arts district. As usual. I’ll be tracing the globe collaborating with different events and brands frying up this Dante Fried Chicken.

Any chance of holding one of your infamous loft parties in London? If you are, we’d love to help out.

Dante: I WOULD LOVE TO. I’ve heard it’s rather impossible to throw a party of this magnitude in London as a foreigner but I feel as though times have changed since I was told that a few years ago. It’s been my dream to do a DFC official KFCRIP party here in London, my second home. If I have the proper support I’m down. I’m going to do my best to sort this, wish me luck or fried chicken..

And that’s all folks. We got you Dante, let’s make this happen. A summer time fried chicken party is due.



Good Lord. Let me just introduce to this fine tarter, it’s Dante’s toasted okra breakfast taco. As a child, I HATED okra – them green tings always looked weird in my Grandma‘s home cooked curries. I’d always take them out and continue with my meal. Not the case this time, the taco was special.

The combination of eggs, spices, chilli and okra made it special. The smokey flavours and toasted texture makes it so easy to eat. I definitely inhaled it and then patiently waited for the renowned main course. My stomach was getting butterflies at this point.

That’s Derek-san on the right. Y&Y’s Japanese translator.



WE THANK GOD FOR FRIED CHICKEN. Epic. Mind-blowing. Succulent. Juicy. Finger-lickin’ good. Can we have a minute of silence for the piece of chicken that I demolished? The sock-it-to-me marinade is just perfect. It’s worthy of the praise. Ha. If you think you know about fried chicken, you need to try Dante’s work.

Let’s not forget about the side dishes that came with it – the smoked cheese & crispy fried leek polenta and the coconut biscuit. They were just as good as the mains. You all know about my strict meal plan as part of my 12 week gym plan, well I had to break it for the biscuit. Coconuty goodness, you just can’t say no to it. I tried to cover my half-eaten one with a napkin but gave in a few minutes later.

We could have easily eaten another portion of this. Definitely going to attempt making this at home using Dante’s recipe book.




So good that we had to share how much we were enjoying the food ^


My initial thoughts when this arrived on our table was ‘Hmm, it’s a little small’ but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The sesame sweet potato pie packs a punch, it’s small and still filling. Again, I was breaking my nutrition plan but sweet potatoes are apparently healthy? [YOLO]

That’s all folks. If you have time today, head down to DFC x DBB at 22 Kingsland Road. It’s the last day, sincere apologies with the delay in posting this. Work has been chaotic!

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