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Thank you. Thank you. You’re far too kind for waiting so long, can we get encore before y’all start reading the post. Press play. After a two month hiatus/hibernation, we’re back. Notice the new new? It’s finally ready and bug free (we hope). Y&Y 3.0 is here, the best iteration yet – mobile friendly, cleaner, led by our own content as opposed to curation. It’s taken a whole minute, mainly down to the build being ever so complicated in comparison to the past.

The Design.

I spent most of my free time in November and December working on this layout. We’re still using a WordPress back end but one that is much more customised than previous versions. The thinking behind the design itself was simple, how can we display our content in a way that it is easily digestible? Answer was to step away from sliders. They were a trend, though they’re slick and pretty to look at, I don’t think it’s the best solution for us. I find myself flicking through the slider and avoiding the copy most of the time.

That’s why I opted for a 2 column design that allows text and imagery to embedded so you can take in both as you read. Reminiscent of a newspaper spread. It works particularly well on mobile too – mobile first thinking as it is the future. Google even says so.



Now you have a seamless desktop, mobile and tablet (iPad) experience. The site is now responsive which means it’ll be readable on mobile. Huge success, no more stupid zooming in required while you’re reading Y&Y on your commute.

As always, we’re human and after spending the past few months checking it every nook and cranny of the site, I’m sure there is bound to be some errors in there. If you do spot any, email me at and I’ll send you a Y&Y sticker in return with a strand of Yang’s sacred hair.




The family. Our core. The very essence of what we’re about, the people that inspire and enable us to create content for you.

Y&Y has grown into our creative outlet outside of our day jobs, no restrictions, no chains to let our creativity go wild. You may notice a few changes to the crewdem; a few additions and sadly a few departures but such is life. You can check out the About Us page to see for yourself. Feel free to say hi to the new faces via Twitter, make ‘em feel at home!

That’s Aaron on the left. Nike below. He’s our menswear enthusiast, also a student at Brunel with Derek. Nike’s a visual merchandiser by day and stylist outside of that. It’s been fun creating with the pair over the past few months, excited to show you what we’ve all come up with.

Apologies in advance team if you hate the photographs of yourselves nyaming on chicken. 

Nando’s Black Card flow. As always, I’m not featured in any. My so-called narcissistic ways are never shown on Y&Y. Ain’t that right folks?


So now what? The site has been split into two. One being the main site (this) where we showcase what we create and the blog section where we’ll be sharing whatever inspires us as well as other content that we’ve shot ourselves like events, mini-product features and such.




We’ve also expanded and improved the ‘Opportunities’ to ‘Find a Job‘ – it never got much attention on the last site since it was on the sidebar and often neglected by us with the updates. This time we promise to deliver as many jobs as we can, we’ll probably have to put in a rota to do this haha.

Main reason for growing this section is solely down to the fact that many of our friends who we graduated with are still looking for jobs. The unemployment struggle is one that we can all relate to, don’t ever give up. Keep pushing. Make your 9-5 when you don’t have a job to find that 9-5.

Yangatron’s already listed half a dozen jobs on there tonight so get applying. No excuses. You can access the section from the menu at the top!





What’s On This Week has completely changed. Well, sort of. It still looks the same at the top of the main page but we have expanded it into a full-blown section that lists more than just the title of the event. With address and details of how to get to the event.

My favourite feature on the page is the ‘Add to calender’ option. It only works with Google calender – so get your gmail on. It’s handy for folks that like myself who like to set reminders and have a strict calender plan.

So that’s all folks. That’s what has changed. We’ve shot a lot of content for the main site and we’ll be dropping it slowly over the next few months. We won’t be posting daily because that just ain’t PLAUSIBLE – with our day jobs, we’d love to but until we find investors to pay for us to live – no can do. That’s why we have the blog section to keep y’all entertained.

New post coming tomorrow night though. Recaping our event with our imagery. WE ARE BACK.

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