Out story

More about Yin

Call me Niran. An easy enough name to pronounce but if you insist, you may call me Yin. I’m turning 25 later this year, currently work at AKQA doing all things creative on the Nike account, freelance photography on the side, typography enthusiast, purveyor of style.

I’m co-founder and the visuals guy for Y&Y. We decided to the start the site a few years ago out of sheer boredom over summer. The site was originally a blog platform for myself and my best friend to express our views on all things cool, never did I expect it to play such a big part of our transition from adolescents to adults.

Now just over three years later, we’ve grown from your average blog to a website for readers to come in search of inspiration and London culture. With the launch of V3, we’re hoping to focus more on creation than curation. With the constraints of having a career outside of Y&Y, the daily curation isn’t as enjoyable as creating our own content. Hence the slight change in direction.

My inspiration for the site? The city I live in. It’s impossible not to be inspired here, if you’re bored of London then you’re bored of life. Start a hobby, side-project – there’s always something to do in the city.

The dream

Interesting question, I believe I’m here to help connect people using my God given talents. Whether it’d be folks to their dreams, brands to their consumers etc – my role is being the middle man. A maven. I know the marketing agency life is what I’m meant to be right now but definitely not for life. Like everyone I’d like to be my own boss at some point in near future.

My dream is to live my life happily and purposefully in order to one day call my passions, my living. As simple as that. Joy. If you want to talk more about this, let’s meet for coffee – tell me your story.