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Y&Y x Nike Running | Flash Pack

posted by on 30/11/2014

The city at night is a jungle. The constant battles. The constant pressures. The challenges, the environment, the elements. The need to adapt, the need to face your fears, the need to take one step be ready for the next. Stay hidden. Stay visible. Embrace the jungle and keep going.

We’ve collaborated with Nike to showcase their Flash Pack Collection, which enables runners to take on the challenges of the city. The super-reflective, winter-element proof gear allows runners to stay visible and embrace the elements – the weather, the darkness, the city. We waited for the sun to set and took to the streets of London with the fastest man in Europe – British Olympic sprinter James Dasaolu

A jungle is no place to explore at night

A jungle is no place to explore at night.

Step after step, the journey threatens to prove my mind right. The environment that was only moments earlier basked in a welcoming glow has seemingly vanished, and in its place, a mysterious maze of harsh concrete has descended upon my reality. But this is not a new reality; it is one I have faced before. A reality I have conquered, bent and shaped to a world of my own creation, powered by the swoosh of my arms, and the gliding of my feet.

A jungle is no place to explore at night.

There are others: many in fact. The streets are full as they go about activities built for an easy smile. My mind tries to trick me to stop, to take solace with the others, and adopt a grin that matches their own. But yet, my soul notices that it is on me their eyes turn to as I glide past. The jungles light chooses not to reflect on temporary joy, but on a lasting challenge, as if it knows to keep its focus on me: the unwelcome stranger, carrying on at a rhythm that appears to beat louder the more the watchful eye of the city lights grow brighter. And when some might choose to hide in those moments of subtle shadows, my feet remain steady, eyes fixed on the glory ahead.

James wears Nike Flash Tight featuring sweat-wicking Dri-FIT fabric and reflective screen print £80 nike.com

A jungle is no place to explore at night.

Every new corner comes like a flash, packed full of mystery, and ready to question anyone who has come here without survival as their compass. But there is still pleasure to be found. As when your feet forces you past another corner, a momentary calm engulfs you. And if you dare to listen carefully, you can almost hear the gentle pace of those who trod the same path, and willing allowed for even a brief moment, the city to illuminate them too – knowing that just one step brought them closer to another, and another, and another after that.

James wears Nike Zoom Structure 18 Flash for stable, highly visible weather protection £110 nike.com

A jungle is no place to explore at night.

My mind tried to warn me, and yet once again I was able to bring about my own reality, and shine a light on it for all to see. It is because of these journeys that I now know two things to be true:

A jungle is no place to explore at night, but as long as I can, I will.

Yin & Yang and James Dasaolu defied the dark as they explored London with the Nike Running Flash Pack collection. Stay visible, dry and warm. Embrace the elements this winter by visiting nike.com.

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  • Photography by: Adam
  • Narrative written by: Dipo
  • Art Direction by: Adam & Yang
  • Model: James Dasaolu
  • Sponsored by: Nike
  • Special thanks to: Rosie @ Freud PR, Nike and James Dasaolu