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posted by on 20/01/2014

When it comes to men’s outerwear, a versatile winter jacket is an essential item of the wardrobe. Something that will last, suit all your needs, and still have you looking good as you fight the winter in style. Today, we present MA.STRUM; a brand whose focus lies solely on producing high quality, technical clothing that can serve the weather in any given environment. We got asked by MA.STRUM to put some of their key AW13 pieces to the test in a day out in the grey, wet and windy city.

We love a good team day out at Y&Y. We decided to have a meet up at Canary Wharf to discuss things and, with good conversation flowing, we grabbed a coffee before heading outside for a stroll with our new MA.STRUM pieces on. We do love the complexity of London, and the clean, modern finishings of the Canary Wharf and its open spaces is a welcome change from the usual grit and cramped-ness of central.

If you’ve seen MA.STRUM around before, or looked them up after reading the opening of this feature, Stone Island has probably crossed your mind as a brand that MA.STRUM is a bit too similar to. In fact, you’d be right to think so. MA.STRUM, draws inspiration from their access to the Massimo Osti Archive, an Italian garment engineer who created Stone Island. His work was focused on technical materials and innovation based on his studies of military clothing, workwear and sportswear, and you can see this in the MA.STRUM product line. For MA.STRUM, it’s less about brand story and values and all-black-Kanye-leather-skirt-trends, but more about the attention to creating high quality, well made clothing through innovative high-tech fabrics. That, in our opinion, is something worth taking notice of.


So I had seen MA.STRUM before from a fashion PR placement a couple of years back, and when it comes to tech jackets, MA.STRUM was the brand that always came to mind, so I was happy to hear we would be working with the brand. Although not entirely suiting my taste in jackets, there were a few standout items I remember handling purely based on their technical elements and excellent use of materials. I went with this parka because of it’s body-hugging fit and deep green finish. From the moment I put it on I was so impressed. The fitting was perfect for my tall, slim build, the lining was soft and insulating, and the pockets were deep and lined with fleece material for extra warmth. Throughout the day, rain, wind and low temperatures didn’t stand a chance against me.

The (sometimes overwhelming) fur is removable on the hood, the inside pocket is secure and suitably large, and the elasticated sleeve ends are a perfect size and length to keep those arms warm. Functionality  at its best. Not to mention the simplicity of the branding on the jacket. Comfort, functionality and style have all been taken well in to consideration for this jacket, and I applaud MA.STRUM for what seems to be one of their best AW13 pieces.


When I first received the email about working with Ma.Strum – I had absolutely no idea who/what/where they were from.

I chose this jacket because of it’s unique cut and length. Once I got the product I wasn’t too keen on the material – it’s waterproof but not quite the quality finish I had expected. There’s a lot of hidden pockets and technical qualities to the jacket that I’ve never seen before. I just wish the cut was a little better so it wasn’t so big on me. The branding needs a revamp but they allow you to take off the logo patches! Simplicity wins.


I actually chose the navy colourway for this jacket but I ended up with bright orange. Admittedly I wasn’t so keen at first but it started to grow on me by the end of the shoot. For outerwear I prefer something much simpler like a black, navy, dark grey or brown at a stretch. But at least with this, the next time I go hiking I won’t have to worry about getting lost!

The coat features a whole load of technical elements. It’s very lightweight and made to be durable so you can clock those ‘wears’ – which you can attribute to the fact that it was created with technical yarns. You can adjust the hood (which is removable) and waist; there are also compartments for your phone and EVEN a tablet. To be honest my favourite feature is the elasticised sleeve because they are heat trap ribbed and they really do trap the heat within the coat. The simple things.

So to sum up; the coat is multi-functional, warm enough for winter and light enough for spring so you can wear it throughout the year… That’s if you’re willing to fork out £250 at the MA.STRUM sale. Though I’m inclined to think navy is the better colourway for this jacket; I think the orange can be styled to suit a casual look especially with the contrast details and sleeves.

AaronMA115NL-09 // MA1005-05

My original coat was a little different from the rest, while everyone else had a fairly casual and functional winter piece, mine was more smart and rather boxy. Being the only one not in black jeans and with a hat to cover my uncut hair that made me look like The Undertaker, I felt I was having a bad clothes day. This is not to say I did not like the coat, I did, I just felt I styled it incorrectly. A quick change into a jacket more casual, I was reassured by the guys that the look was better, however as something I would never really wear I still felt a little uncomfortable. I am going to put my troubles down to bad personal choices and unpleasant weather conditions which treated myself and my umbrella with all kinds of disrespect. That said, I shall learn from my mistakes and buy a better umbrella.

Derek MA1152NL-09

Peace of mind has finally been restored to my daily (gruesome) commute; every corporate ninja needs a office friendly rain-resistant jacket to combat the elements without compromising style (Only a surfer looks good in a wet suit #forgivethepun).

Putting together / layering an outfit involves considering not only the aesthetics of each layer but the. functional properties. MA.STRUM’s 3 layer jacket is built to withstand the wind without trading breathability and manoeuvrability (a common trait of traditional ‘rain jackets’). Despite the emphasis on functional elements e.g. removable units, discreet earphone grommet etc, the exterior of the jacket is designed to adopt a minimalist look; the perfect equilibrium of function and form.

The attention to detail also extends to the interior with camo lining and gadget friendly pockets. A modern utility jacket paying homage with a military inspired silhouette. The pale beige/vanilla colour-way is a much needed contrast to the neutral palette of my winter wardrobe. If all fails, this jacket is guaranteed to turn a few heads.


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