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Oliver Sweeney – The Compass Collection

posted by on 13/06/2013

Oliver Sweeney have recently introduced their latest collection dubbed The Compass Collection. You could be forgiven if you thought that they has spread their wing and ventured into making beautifully crafted compasses, however you’d be wrong. The Compass Collection is in fact a new contemporary casual collection expertly fashioned using materials from one of the greatest tanneries in England, Charles F. Stead.

Inspiration can come from a number of things from friends, parents, and surroundings to objects and Oliver Sweeney have drawn inspiration from an unpredictable source in the form of the bicycle. The collection has a rustic feel to it with a dash of modern engineering and thought. The leather panels layered upon the shoe’s upper, used as support for the pedals, are a prime example of the forward thinking in design. The collection is available now at

A few weeks ago we were invited to down to North London to have breakfast with the Oliver Sweeney team and a few other fashionable and intriguing members of London’s menswear world. We were treated to a lavish breakfast whilst being able to enjoy the range of shoes the collection has to offer. At the end of breakfast we were all presented with a pair of sneakers that we had pre-selected days before attending the breakfast. Inside each box, which by the way was labeled with everybody’s name, were instructions to a fun contest.

Above are some of the entries from the other contestants. Feel free to follow them below, you should be able to recognise a few familiar names:

Craig Landale - @menswearstyle, Terry Donovan - @terrydonovan1987, Mikill Pane - @mikillpane, Naaman Brown - @naamanbrown, Rav Matharu - @clothsurgeon, Chris Benns - @chrisbenns, Alex Synamatix - @thedailystreet, Yu Fujiwara - @8and2, Ravi Sidhu - @rednivars, Oliver Proudlock - @proudlock, Nigel Ruwende - @nigelruwende, Chris Chasseaud - @chrisschass, Graeme Moran - @graeme_moran, Martell Campbell - @mrflyycampbell, John Jarrett - @_johnjarrett, Terence Sambo - @onenigerianboy

Watch Oliver Sweeney’s recap video from the event here.

Each person presented with sneakers had the task of taking at least one picture of the shoes, either wearing them or stand-alone, in places that meet all points of the compass. To sum it up, we each had to take at least one picture in North, South, East and West London. Our pictures then had to be shared via the world of social media i.e Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The challenge was a perfect fit for Y&Y as it gave us a chance to exercise and showcase our photography skills and knowledge of London. Myself and Niran spent the whole day running around the city shooting the shoes in all different locations. We ventured to Richmond, Greenwich, Shoreditch and Primrose Hill throughout the day. Smoke bombs, park wardens, rude sales assistants and a lot of walking were all fun highlights and all can contribute to a funny story of their own. Having smoked out majority of London, two ethnic guys can live to fight another day. No arrests were made during the production of this feature. Lucky for us.

Here’s the rest of images, as you can tell they’ve got a little bit of a narrative. You can tell through our captions, feel free to have a browse of my Instagram to see the final photographs we used: @imDJB

Boom. Shop the Compass Collection here. I know Yin has his eyes on the tan sneaker!

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