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Roberto Revilla London | A Bespoke Experience

posted by on 18/04/2013

Cast your mind back to November 2012, I went on a secret mission on behalf of Heineken to Crack the Case- under code name 00Opoku some also called me Opoku, Ernest Opoku. *sigh* If there is going to be a black James Bond, holla! I’ll even do my own stunts.. Anywho, as part of the mission I was sent to get myself measured for a bespoke suit which was crafted by Roberto Revilla London. I briefly wrote about the experience last year and mentioned that I would write about the outcome in due course. You’re about to read the outcome after the break.




After I selected all of the customisable components for my suit, a month later Roberto calls me to come in for a fitting. I arrive at the West End-based workshop he shares with some other Savile Row tailors, where all the magic happens. A fitting is simply… a fitting. You go in, try the suit and anything that you’re not happy with Roberto will adjust before sending it out to you or arrange further fittings as required.

First thing I noticed instantly was how comfortable I felt. One thing I have always hated about suits is how uncomfortable they can be especially if you’re wearing them all day- but when you have one made to fit your body it’s a completely different ball game. I was quite happy to go home wearing it to be honest. As Derek snapped away I begun feeling the power of the suit, there wasn’t a mirror I wouldn’t stop at… have you ever seen ‘The Tuxedo?




Another thing I loved about Roberto’s suit was the minor detailing, like the embroidery underneath the collar and the small pocket for my oyster card. Which to be fair, I am never going to use, I just like that it’s there. These little details makes the suit unique.

This is the part where you find faults in the suit and point them out… I didn’t find any but Roberto Attention-To-Detail Revilla found a few though. The waistcoat and jacket were perfect while the trousers were slightly lose (I’d been working out).

Once the fitting was over, Roberto took the suit away to make those adjustments and in about a week’s time it was ready. It’s currently hanging, waiting, patiently, for my best man speech at Yin’s wedding.

After the fitting, we seized the opportunity to find out a little bit more about Roberto.



About Roberto

Roberto Revilla is a London based tailor running Roberto Revilla London and as previously mentioned, is the creator of my bespoke suit. He’s been in the industry for quite a few years now but he wasn’t always tailoring.

Before he set up his tailoring company, Roberto had actually planned to train to become an accountant but it didn’t work out and he ending up in sales. Working at Ford, he realised there would be no room for progression in his career- he left his job for a new role in direct sales for an IT company for the next 4 years.

I started to develop my interest in clothes during my time here. There are photos of our team meetings where everyone would be dressed casually and I’d be standing there in a 3 piece suit. It’s what I wore everyday.

I got a little bit demoralised by the fact that I had to live out of a suitcase (that’s what the job required)… so I ended up leaving that job to start with a big American company that did ‘visiting tailoring’ in London. At the time I thought it was quite a weird concept, it was unique at the time but that’s how it works now.

I did really well there but after 7 years I needed to work somewhere with less of the sales aspect so I worked for a small boutique in the city for another 2 years until I decided it was time to be my own boss…. and here I am - Roberto



Roberto Revilla London

Bespoke tailoring + People

The idea of bespoke is that you would have your suit tailored exactly how you want it, there isn’t anything worse than paying for a suit and not being comfortable in it. I make clothes for people that are their clothes and not mine.

And people, well I take time to get to know my clients. I had a client who had had trouble finding the right fit for his body shape, after he tried on his suit from us, he said “this is how a man should feel when he puts clothes on”… That’s what I want people to say when they wear Roberto Revilla London – Roberto




To sum up, here is a quick run down of how Roberto deals with clients and the process for bespoke tailoring by Roberto Revilla London.

1) Roberto will speak to the client over the phone scoping out exactly what they want. He’ll ask if it’s an occasion or if the client just wants a suit etc. He’ll ask as much info as possible and then finally the clients budget for the suit.

2) It’s important for a client to feel as comfortable as possible when dealing with Roberto so he’ll organise a face to face meeting in a location hats most convenient for the client. This might be at home, at the office or at the client’s hotel (if usually overseas). By this point Roberto would have done his research on the client with social media/web… unorthodox I know- but I bet your boss does it…




During the meeting, Roberto will take the client through any ideas he might have had from his research. He’ll also take the client though all the different fabrics and cuts he tailors to.

Once the client has decided on their ideal suit, Roberto will encourage them to go away and have a think about it and let him know when ready. Or if the client wishes, he can proceed where he’ll take their measurements.

3) Once you’ve been measured, you won’t hear from Roberto for another 4-5 weeks while your suit goes into “production”. Once it’s 85% done, he’ll give you a call to book a fitting- unless your suit is from his “Black Label” collection in which case there’ll be a couple of fitting sessions to book

4) This is the final step. The part where you finally get to try on the suit. If anything needs fixing, Roberto will fix it.

Connect with Roberto

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