Our story

More about Yang

Hello, I’m Ernest otherwise known as Yang, born and bred in London and currently working for a children’s charity where I do social media and communications. I love music, photography, fashion, psychology, the list goes on.

Niran and I founded the site as a way of expressing our opinions on things within our interests, but we’ve since evolved, it became an output for our creativity. Yin&Yang rouses our creativity not just through reviews and shoots but also through connecting with other like-minded people.

The dream

It’s not really a dream, more of a goal. There are a lot of young people in the UK who are at risk, I see myself working directly with them. I want to create something that will encourage them to make good use of opportunities and help realise their aspirations.

This initiative would offer guidance, support and advice. It’s always good to meet like-minded people, so if you have a similar vision then get at me.