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posted by on 20/11/2012

Yup, I’ve never heard of the place before too. I’m not one to miss on a new food experience though, Shakespeare was right in Twelfth Night when he said food is love. It certainly is, my other half and I headed down to See Sushi, a Japanese restaurant concealed away in the back streets of Paddington by the Waterside.

Well it looks like we’re the only customers here, mind you it had only opened half an hour ago at 6pm. Located behind the fancy apartments, facing the canal which leads to Little Venice and more. It’s a tough one to discover as it’s not on the main street, however I think the majority of their customers are the well off apartment owners. It costs around £400 a week to live in a 1 bedroom – they can certainly afford to eat out.

The Interior & Atmosphere

Tough one to tell since it so empty. Almost non-existent at the start but did pick up towards the end. There’s a nice vibe in there, great for conversing over dinner. I guess that’s partially down to the quietness. The interior and design is modern, contemporary fused with touches of Japan around the place. Leather seats, mahogany tables, fabric draped ceilings and more.


FLOWERING TEA - Because having a blossoming flower blooming in your tea cup is as nature intended! Tea is always better when it’s served in a fancy little mug and teapot. This freezing weather demands (politely) for a hot beverage at the dinner table and is all I’ll be ordering until Summer 2013! I went for this interesting tea choice because all I ever drink these days is the classic English Breakfast. Strong, 2-3 heaped teaspoons of sugar and some milk please. – Tin

LUSCOMBE SICILIAN LEMONADE – My rather exotic choice of drink, handmade in the mountains of Kyoto and now freely imported into the UK. Psyche. I didn’t want to go for the Green Tea option – you know being healthy and all haha. – Yin


CHICKEN GYOZA: Tasted no different to the gyoza dumplings I’ve had before. What made this starter stand out for me was the rich, tangy sauce. Great complimenting flavour to the otherwise fairly standard chicken gyoza. - Tin

EBI TEMPURA: I do love me some tempura…again, the generous helping of the sweet sauce on the side is what topped off the crispy covered prawns. We even ate the aubergine, courgette and pumpkin slices covered in the same batter found beneath. - Tin

RAINBOW MAKI SELECTION: This was probably the main attraction of the meal. The way it was presented looked a bit too pretty to eat. I remember looking over to the sushi counter and spotting a stack of these attractive serving sushi bowls?…Is that what they’re called? …I was wondering what they were. The sushi was brilliant, but I guess you can never really go wrong with sushi – I enjoyed the beetroot strands at the centre. The amount of fish eggs was acceptable, I felt a bit guilty that I was eating Nemo’s unborn brethren. Also, the first thing the lady who served us put on our table was what seemed like a glass ash tray, but I slowly learnt that it was just where the soy sauce would stand! - Tin

TORI KATSU CURRY: Apparently Tori means ‘Bird’ in Japanese. I sincerely hope the bird I ate was Chicken, definitely tasted like it. Delicious main meal though I do feel like the curry lacked the je ne sais quoi that makes you want more and more.

UNAGI DON: Sounds like a far Eastern Mafia Don right? Like I know anything on gang culture. This was basically a lunch box containing rice and eel. Eel’s a tad more tougher and chewier than normal fish. In my opinion, it could’ve done with some more of the sweet sauce, but I’ll say it’s a pretty filling main dish. It was good. - Tin

MANGO SORBET: I probably should’ve opted for the banana fritters, but my mango sorbet was cool. It’s not no Rubicon mango, but it served its purpose with the added bonus of a choco-filled wafer stick. Yum. – Tin

BANANA FRITTERS + TIRAMISU ICE CREAM: Probably my favourite part of the whole meal. It was definitely a cheat meal but oh well, the Tiramisu ice cream was the bomb. Banana fritters could have been a tad bit more golden and crispy but that’s personal preference. - Yin


Brilliant! bless the waitress that served us; her English wasn’t the best but she knew how to treat customers. Upon arrival, she rearranged a 4 seater table so that it accommodated just the two of us and ensured that it was clean. It’s the little things that make a difference.

Final Thoughts

Lovely service, decor and food. I don’t have much bad things to say about See Sushi despite the obvious lack of atmosphere but it’s nice to have a quiet meal in which is rare find if you’re dining in Central London. We recommend – check it out if you’re in the Paddington area!

4d Praed Street, Paddington, London, W2 1JX

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